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Here are the songs that I made for the official                                                . Down below, I've also included a short write up of how I began working on the game, and what I remember about making each of the tracks.

My Friend Pedro soundtrack

I had first gotten in touch with Vic (of Deadtoast fame) way back on the 22nd of May, 2017. I was bored one day, scrolling through Twitter, and I randomly happened to stumble upon a gif of a guy on a skateboard blowing people's heads off - it was love at first site.

Immediately, I wanted to work on the game's soundtrack. I had to find the person that created this beautiful work of art. After a few clicks, I found Vic. I reached out to him, we went back and forth over ideas on what the soundtrack should sound like, and I made a couple of demos for him to see if we were on the same page. He liked them. And thus began a year-and-a-half long process of me making somewhere in the neighborhood of 125-150 songs. Here is a short write up what I remember about making each of the songs that ended up making the

Junkyard King

When I reached out to Vic to work on My Friend Pedro, he listened through some of my older stuff and he thought that this track would be a good fit for the game. I made this way back in 2015 or 2016 or something, when I was trying to learn how to make straight instrumental/electronic music. Previously, I worked largely on hip-hop music, but this was one of the songs that came along when I decided to make the shift in my music.


One of the tracks made early on when I was trying to establish the core sounds for My Friend Pedro's music. Not much to say about this one really. I called it Slinky because the song has a strange bounce-y yet wobbly feel to it to me. And what has more bounce and wobble than a slinky? Nothing does.

Cave Crawl

To me, this song epitomizes what My Friend Pedro is about. This was one of the first themes I made for the game. Just over-the-top, minimal yet aggressive music. I like the big, huge bass in it in particular. This ended up getting used in the demo that Vic and Devolver put out so that was cool to see. I think this was one of the first times I had the idea to use metal-clanging noises as the percussion in the music, which ended up being used in a lot of the music.


This was the first theme that I came up with that was really outside of the box after making nothing but club themes (made on 10/3/2017). I don't know what it is about this song, but I really like it. I find it really hypnotizing. I remember building the kick and the bass-line and really loving the foundation that I made. But the song needed something else in it, and I randomly stumbled across that crazy pad that plays throughout the first section of the song. I didn't do any automating to it from what I remember, it came with all of the crazy filtering effects. So I popped that joker into the song, and it was pretty much complete at that point.


I made this theme on 12/21/2017 with the Uzis in mind in My Friend Pedro; I wanted to make something more fast-paced and chaotic so I turned up the BPMs for this one. I remember I wanted to make something with a drum and bass/jungle type of drum beat, so I bought some expansion pack for my Native Instruments Maschine and pretty much used it once for this theme only. I started off with the two bass notes that you hear from the jump, and tried to figure out a way to build a song around that. The challenge became building something interesting that is constantly changing while only using two bass notes. I am happy with the outcome. I am also very happy with the title name that I came up with for the song.

Atomic Clock

I really like this song. I made this pretty early on in the process of making the music for My Friend Pedro (on 9/27/2017). This was when I was trying to lay the groundwork and establish the core sounds and textures for the game's music as a whole. I started off making really aggressive club-type music for the first area of the game, and this was one of the ones that I came up with.


This song was made pretty late in the creation process for all of the music in My Friend Pedro (made on 04/07/2018). Don't really remember making it, don't really have a good story to go along with it. I enjoyed the bass switch up at 1:00 when I put in an acoustic bass guitar. Uhhhh... I am running out of material to type for this one. On to the next one.


This song was originally meant for the Internet levels of the game (which is why you can hear the dial up modem sounds throughout the song). It ended up at a completely different portion of the game, which is kind of cool. You never know what is going to happen and how people will hear the music differently than you. Anyways, I enjoy this song because it has a weird reserved energy to it, despite it feeling dance-y at the same time. This was made two days after Christmas in 2017.


Not much to say about this track really. I liked the long, droning sound in the song and wanted to shape an entire song around that. And that's what I done did. This was made 11/28/2017.


I really loved making this song. I found an assortment of weird and wacky sounds that didn't have anything to do with each other, and decided to make a song out of them. I wanted to make something structurally similar to all of the trap music that is coming out nowadays, but different enough to stand out on it's own and fit into the world of Pedro. Initially, I thought it would be an interesting idea to have this be the first song played in My Friend Pedro since it's not as aggressive and kind of wacky. But it ended up in the area where you get to ricochet bullets off of those yellow signs for the first time in the game, which ended up fitting much better since the wackiness of the game goes up during this part of the game. This was made 09/04/2017, relatively early in the process of making all of the music. This was one of the first songs I made where I really started to open things up.

Stop and Watch

There's not much that I can say about this one, really. I don't even really remember making it to be honest. According to the records, I made this on 10/11/2017. I was still in the mode of just making more typical, straight-forward aggressive dance music for My Friend Pedro. I wanted to make sure we had a decent amount of those types of tracks before moving onto the more esoteric music. And there you have it.


This song was mainly inspired by JPEGMAFIA (which is why its called Gifgang). He has a song called Whats Crackin' which I couldn't stop listening to at the time. Something about the bass in the song made me want to make something similar. I also liked the strange ambience in the song, and wanted to do something similar in that respect. He is one of my favourite current artists out, so I guess this song is an ode to him. I made this on 2/18/2018 - at the time I was trying to make another quiet-ish theme for My Friend Pedro. But I wanted to do something 808-centric as well, so I tried to meld those two ideas together.


I had a feeling this would end up being used for one of the boss fights in My Friend Pedro. It's probably the most aggressive track that I made in my opinion. This was made on 5/25/2018, the day before I made Doomgrab. Instead of putting a kick on every 4th measure, I decided to do something different and put snares on them instead, and put sporadic kicks through-out the song. This ended up bringing an entirely different energy to the track. My favourite part of the song is when I switch-up everything in the song, and remove the reverb from the weird alarm noises and go back to the traditional kicks on the 4th at around 1:42.

Neural Scrub

This is a song that I made specifically for the sewer area of My Friend Pedro. I really like this song for some reason; the mix of the 4-on-the-floor kicks mixed with the weird drum break behind it make for an interesting combination to me. I have no idea what I was doing with this one really, the sounds in here are really out there. This was made on 10/29/2018, which is around the time when I made most of the tracks that ended up making the game. For some reason, I make better music in the winter. Not sure why that is.


I remember having a lot of fun making this one for My Friend Pedro. I made this on 05/26/2018 -  the day after I made Automatic. I was in a very aggressive mind-space at the time because I started to listen to Death Grips a lot for some reason. The song I drew on for this one was Black Paint by Death Grips (which is why I called it Doomgrab). I loved the rolling bassline in that song, and I wanted to make something with that similar characteristic. The distorted aesthetic, and all of the random noises in the song were particularly fun to create. Unfortunately, my lemon computer couldn't handle all of the effects processing, so I had to make the second half of the song a lot less layered and I couldn't push the song as far as I had hoped. Maybe it ended up being a blessing in disguise? I dunno.


This song was a pain to mix and master. The bass getting fatter and fatter really caused problems for me. Anyways, this song was made pretty late in the cycle for My Friend Pedro, in 4/8/2018. Around this time, I really tried to let loose and try weirder ideas out, and this was one of the ones that made it in. I like the idea that it doesn't have a traditional structure of verse - chorus - verse - chorus. I wanted to make the song a bit different, so here, it stays pretty constant and only gets "big" at the end of the song. I think I used the same bass as I did in Junkyard King. not sure though...


This is another one of my favourites that I made for My Friend Pedro. It was made early in the cycle, 8/16/2017. I liked the slow pulse of the main synth, and the atypical drum pattern as well as the strange bass. Not much to say about this one, I am pretty proud of it just because of how weird it is, and how the sounds transform throughout the song.


For some reason, I was surprised that this song got picked. I completely forgot that I made it. It was created way back in 10/14/17 - I made it with the Uzi's in mind. I wanted to make something more chaotic and over the top; initially in the beginning of My Friend Pedro you use pistols only, and get introduced to the Uzi's as the first automatic weapon. I wanted to capture that kind of faster energy by making a song that's got a higher BPM. Obviously, this song got used much later in the game for an entirely different section, but whatever. I am just happy it made it in.

Voltage Pressure

This song has a bit of a weirder story to it. Initally, I had it in my head that there would be levels in My Friend Pedro where you had to play the game a bit more sneakily and stealthily, so I made songs that had a bit more of an espionage feel to them while maintaining the aggressive energy of the game. I dunno where I got this idea from, but nonetheless, I made a few songs with this idea in mind. This was made in the first few months of the process of creating the soundtrack for My Friend Pedro, back in 09/02/2017. it ended up getting used in a completely different section of the game, but sometimes you just gotta dance in the cosmic ballet that the universe presents you.

Cold Stare

Initially, Vic had a bunch of reference songs in all of levels in My Friend Pedro and the ones that interested me more were the ones where the songs had a bit more of a quiet energy to them. Much of what I was making up to that point was big and loud, so these songs interested me because I wanted to switch things up and also do songs where the energy level were more varied. Listening to big, loud songs for every single level would have gotten tiresome, so it was a good idea by Vic to bring some variety to the game. I made this on 02/08/2018, in the middle of the process of making all of the music. Around this time, I wanted to start pushing what I was doing and including weirder noises and textures. The creation of the song started off as you hear it basically; I found that weird static noise that you hear in the beginning and tried to make it musical, while not just making a typical 4-on-the-floor dance song.


This song is a bit on the nose with the concept. When Vic told me there would be a section in My Friend Pedro where you visit the internet, I decided to look dial-up modem sounds and try to crowbar those noises into some of the songs. I have a theory that everyone both loves and hates the sounds of dial up modems. I manipulated some of the dial-up modem sounds and tried to make them as music as possible, playing them like instruments. I made this song on 11/26/2017, which was the period of time where I made most of the music which ended up making the final soundtrack for the game.


I made this song for My Friend Pedro with the sniper levels in mind from the get-go. The orange colour palette used in those levels really influenced the direction I went with this song, as strange as they may sound. I remembered there is a part in Metal Gear Solid 2 where you use your sniper rifle to protect Emma, and the song that plays during that segment had a rad synth pad in it. I wanted to do something similar with this theme, but a more aggressive version. That section of MGS2 also had an orange color palette, so I think that was what influenced me to go in that direction. This was made pretty early in the process on 9/11/2017; initially I was making only dance-ish songs for the game but this was one of the first songs where I decided to do something a bit different with the drum patterns and bass structure.


This song is my personal favourite of the songs that I made for My Friend Pedro. I called the song Basins as a nod towards the song Bowls by Caribou. The songs feel somewhat similar to me, but I am not sure why. Maybe it's because of the bass. I made this little rascal on 02/06/2018, somewhere in the middle of the year long process of making all of the music. Originally when Vic was making the game, there were already reference songs he shoved into each level just as filler. Some of the songs were a bit quieter and not as bombastic and nutty; they had a cooler energy to them which really intrigued me. This was my attempt to match that same energy.

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