drum kits crate

50+ of my best kicks, snares, 808's,

hi-hats, percussion, and much more!

Use unique sounds, make unique beats!





Why am I giving away my best drums?

"Hey, my name is Navie D. I have been producing music for 10+ years now. I have produced for artists (Joey Bada$$, Big K.R.I.T., etc), video games (My Friend Pedro) and much more.

Now I am making YouTube videos showing all of my techniques and tips that I have learned to help producers make better music


I am giving away my drums for the same reason I am making YouTube videos:

I want to help all of my fellow beatmakers make better music.


What's inside the Drum Kit Crate?

Inside the Drum Kit Crate, I have included the best, high quality drum sounds that I use in my beats, including thumping kicks, cracking snares, rattling hi-hats, booming 808's, and much more

I've engineered each sound to be as unique as possible. If you're tired of downloading what sounds like the same old drum sounds over and over again, use these sounds to make more unique beats