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Step 1: Make the BEST beat that you can, using whatever you want, any kind of beat...
Step 2: Submit your beat here:
Step 3: Do the above before 10/1. Then on 10/8, we will livestream where I will announce the winners (and review some beats at random)...

What can you win, you ask?

Prize 1 (Navie's bebe): $750. This is for the bbGang member who makes my favorite beat. Simple.
Prize 2 (People's Champ): $750. After 10/1, I will send out a new link, letting you hear all of the beats submitted. 
Every bbGang member will vote for who made their favorite beat. The person with the most votes win this prize.
Prize 3 (The 'you got potential' prize): 1-on-1 consultation with me. This is for the person who makes the most interesting/unique beat, but I think needs a little hands on help to get their beat to come together.

So even if you aren't a master beatmaker, you still have a chance to win a prize and get your beat reviewed during the stream. Good luck

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